Healthcare employee burnout was already at an alarming level before COVID-19 and now with the added stressors of the pandemic, the wellbeing of our healthcare employees requires our attention more than ever. Elation’s Wellbeing Workbench was developed specifically for the unique situation that we face today.

Our System

We support healthcare workers in this time of crisis through an innovative method assessing the personal and organizational areas of stress that are common to healthcare workers. Our assessment provides insights into specific issues surrounding COVID-19 such as workplace safety preparedness, attitudes and alignment between staff and administration, as well as the drivers of employee fear and anxiety related to the virus.


Each user completes a 10-15 minute adaptive assessment that identifies the personal stressors and buffers that impact the wellbeing and performance of the individual.

Personal Results

Each user receives their personalized results, customized to their job type and unique stressors. Recommendations and solutions are proposed specific to the unique profile of the user.

Wellbeing Analytics

Leaders and decision-makers will receive an organizational analysis of the wellbeing levels of your staff, their anxiety and other key outcomes with a detailed overview of the high risk areas for burnout.

Work Readiness

Leaders and decision-makers will be able to assess the readiness of their staff to continue working or return to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who We Serve

We believe that the solution to fighting the COVID-19 pandemic requires paying special attention to the well being of our Physicians, Nurses and Healthcare Teammates.

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